On May 11th, 2021, NextNinja Corporation and Good Smile Company, Inc. announced that their jointly-developed smartphone game Touhou LostWord has been launched in an international version for iOS and Android in 80 countries outside of Japan.

Touhou LostWorld, already available in Japan, is a derivative game featuring the beloved characters of the Touhou Project, and officially licensed by Team Shanghai Alice.

Touhou LostWord Int'l Ver. Reaches 300,000 Pre-Registrants!

The international version of Touhou LostWord had been running a pre-registration campaign in which in-game items would be given away as the number of pre-registrants increased. By the time the game was released, 300,000 people had pre-registered, and numerous items were confirmed as rewards:

  • Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame (1 of each character)
  • 150 Seal Crystals and 45000 Coins (enough for 30 pulls!)
  • 5 Story Cards: Key Visual Version
  • 2 Story Cards:Cuckoo Bird (Artist: Tanaka Shoutarou)
  • 1 Story Card: Lively Temple Grounds (Artist: Morinohon)
  • 1 Story Card: Behind the Firepower (Artist: Ragho no Erika)


Screen Shots

Theme Song

You'll also find trailers, character videos, music videos, and more at the Touhou LostWorld Official YouTube Channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.