As satisfying as freshly cooked and fluffy white rice can be, it can sometimes be more than its worth to cook a whole batch for those who live alone or simply want a small serving.

Fortunately there's a pair of rice loving pets that can help you out with that, in the form of these adorable cat and dog rice cooking mugs!

The animal rice cooking mugs are made for microwave use and can cook one cup of rice, perfect for one person meals. They're available with both shiba inu and tortoiseshell cat lids, and feature each animal's paws jutting out adorably over the mug.

Before placing into the microwave, it's recommended to prepare and rinse your rice, and let it set for about 30 minutes before draining.

This will depend on your microwave settings, but we started first at 700W for 2.5 minutes, then switched to 150W for 6 minutes.

Afterwards, we let it sit and steam for about ten minutes, then removed our shiba friend's head to be treated to mouthwatering serving of white rice!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.