Tokyo’s Capcom Cafe is the place to be for lovers of classic Japanese games. They’ve previously held special collaboration menus featuring beloved series such as Devil May Cry among others.

From next month an old favourite is returning in the form of an Okami-inspired collaboration. Few games are as visually arresting as Okami, which is based on traditional Japanese art and mythology. In the game, the player is given the role of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, in the form of a wolf.

The cafe’s main visual theme is ‘sakura fubuki’, which literally means a blizzard of cherry blossom. The characters, namely Ameterasu, Issun, Waka and Oki, are featured under a flurry of pink blossom petals in the revealed artwork. Apparently the whole menu will fit in with this theme, as will the original goods which will be sold at the cafe.

The cafe will be appearing from 4th June until 15th July 2021. No visuals have been revealed yet apart from the main theme, but you can get an idea of the awesome Okami-inspired eats they can serve up by taking a look at last year’s dishes!

If you’re ready to wolf down some Okami inspired dishes even before you know what they will be, Capcom Cafe accepts online reservations.

By - Jess.