First Kitchen is Japanese fast food chain dealing in the kind of classic greasy fare you would expect from a fast food restaurant. They have a hefty menu filled with fries, fried chicken and burgers (they recently released their biggest ever burger), and now you can accompany your slap-up meal with top quality matcha drinks and desserts.

First Kitchen have teamed up with tea purveyors Iyemon for a perfect lineup of green tea goodness. The matcha is sourced from Uji in Kyoto, which is known for superior quality tea leaves.

These menu additions include drinks such as the ‘Iyemon Lemonade (Uji Matcha)’ (300 yen). A mix of sweet lemonade and bitter matcha, it comes in an attractive two-tone colour so you can appreciate both flavours separately or mix them together.

The ‘Iyemon Uji Matcha Latte’ (320 yen for small, 360 yen for medium) also comes with the matcha and milk separated so it looks extra photogenic.

There’s also desserts on offer, giving you the chance to have the rare combination of a hamburger followed by a traditional Japanese dessert. This take on zenzai contains boiled sweet red beans, white mochi and vanilla ice cream, accompanied by rich matcha (320 yen).

The second dessert is a matcha affogato with vanilla ice cream and green tea (300 yen).

The final item combines both the beverage and desserts with an ‘Iyemon Uji Matcha Latte Float’ (390 yen).

All these green tea treats can currently be found at branches at First Kitchen in Japan.

By - Jess.