With its signature bright red color and the smiling pigtailed girl “Peko-chan” on its packaging, the candy brand Milky has been a constant in the shelves of Japanese candy stores since 1951. Its simplicity as a milk candy product makes it appealing even to those who don’t have a sweet tooth, and its distinct taste and smell have become beloved among generations of candy fans in Japan.

This same smell that greets you when you unwrap a Milky candy has been recreated in the form of a Milky reed diffuser. Priced at 2,530 yen, the diffuser is described as having a “gentle milk scent”, and also comes with an exclusive keychain featuring Peko-chan.

The diffuser is the latest addition to a lineup of fragrance products such as perfumes, hand creams, and body mists inspired by Milky and other famous Japanese food products. The Milky reed diffuser is exclusive to Don Quijote stores in Japan, while the other Milky collaboration products are available in supermarkets and perfume retailers across Japan.

By - Jen Laforteza.