Recent years have seen some innovation in efforts to revitalize the popularity of green tea in Japan recently, even with instant varieties being made available in cigarette style packaging from vending machines and clever freeze-dried cubes.

Now a newly opened tea house in Nagoya is aiming to deliver high quality green tea via an eco-friendly morning bottle service that fits in with the more environmentally conscious trends of today.

The service provides customers with a bottle of cold-brewed green tea that can be refilled with water three times a day, and then returned to the store (by depositing it in one of the shop's depository holes) for just 300 yen.

The on-the-go morning bottle service, which runs from 8AM-10AM, allows customers to get their tea fill throughout the day for an affordable price while cutting back on plastic waste. The shop uses particularly young tea leaves (mirume) grown at the renowned Shinsabo green tea farm in Mie prefecture to serve up a mellow and easy to drink Ise green tea.

Mirume also offers instore options for enjoying tea and traditional Japanese sweets, providing sets where a tea instructor guides you through brewing and serving a delicious cup along sweets like manju, cheesecake, and daifuku

Access information for Mirume, as well as an online shop, can be found at the tea house's official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.