Keishindō 桂新堂, a company founded in Nagoya in 1866 which specializes in shrimp-flavored crackers known as ebi-senbei (えびせんべい or 海老煎餅), has announced the sale of a new line of crackers made in collaboration with famous curry udon restaurant Wakashachiya 若鯱屋, as well as students from Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School. The unprecedented snack is designed to encourage people to think about SDGS, and food loss in particular, while enjoying a delicious treat.

Curbing food loss in a sustainable way

The mainstream solution to food loss is to sell products at a lower price than usual, but this alone is not a sustainable solution. In an effort to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society where both companies and customers are happy, Keishindō decided to use the heads of shrimp which are often discarded when they make ebi-senbei, and edge scraps of udon noodles from Wakashachiya which ideally should be enjoyed by customers but end up discarded in the manufacturing process. Thus, they have created a sustainable business model that will also make customers happy.

Invaluable contribution from SDGs Future Club "Sus-Teen!"

Moreover, the product was made possible through the contribution of the SDGs Future Club "Sus-Teen!" composed of students from the Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School. Their enthusiastic participation in discussions with company representatives and their bright ideas were indispensable to the product's development.

Discussion with members of the SDGs Future Club "Sus-Teen!"

Product Information

Sustainable Shrimp Crackers

Box of 12: 1,404 JPY (incl. tax)


Box of 24: 2,700 yen (incl. tax)


Sales outlets

  • Keishindō shop counters: Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store, Matsuzakaya Toyota Store, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Store, Daimaru Umeda Store, Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store, Daimaru Kobe Store
  • Keishindō online store
  • Wakashachiya stores, Wakashachiya online store
  • Catalog sales: Daimaru Matsuzakaya o-chūgen summer gift catalog

By - grape Japan editorial staff.