It seems like fans of instant noodles have a lot of ways to show their love for the classic easy meal these days, with beds that turn their pets into adorable instant snacks and even super detailed Cup Noodle plastic models to assemble.

Noodle-slurping fans can now add stimulating their brain to the mix, with a new clever Rubik's Cube modeled after a cup of instant udon!

The puzzle cubes are designed to look like Maruchan's Akai Kitsune Udon, a popular instant cup serving of kitsune udon, or udon noodles topped with sweetened fried tofu.

The Akai Kitsune Cube has deep-fried tofu on the top surface and noodles on the sides and bottom, just like the real thing, and the puzzle even comes with an instruction booklet in the form of a soup seasoning packet.

Just be sure to open up and check in case you have the real thing on hand as well!

For those that prefer Maruchan's tanuki udon (udon noodles topped with tempura batter pieces), there's also a cube for that as well.

Both the Kitsune and Tanuki Udon Rubik's Cubes are available from Japanese manufacturer MegaHouse, although they can be found on Amazon as well.

Those looking for an even bigger (or smaller?) challenge may want to hunt down the world's tiniest Rubik's Cube, however.

By - Big Neko.