Japan’s traditional appreciation of the seasons has resulted in some pretty mouthwatering seasonal confections. Not only do they taste great, but sometimes they’re also just as gorgeous as the seasonal scenery they celebrate.

One dazzling example is the hydrangea parfait (or ajisai parfait as it’s known in Japanese), which truly captures the stunning blue and lilac hues of the rainy season flowers. This creation comes courtesy of Itohkyuemon, a famous Kyoto tea specialist shop, founded in 1832 and based in the area’s green tea paradise, Uji. The elaborate dessert is inspired by the image of blooming hydrangeas glistening with dew, an arresting sight which can be seen at a temple nearby Itohkyuemon’s main premises.

This tribute to the seasonal flora is achieved with blueberries, purple and blue coloured matcha sweet potato (kinton), and green leaf matcha cookie accents. There’s also a layer of crushed jelly, which catches the light like a hydrangea’s petals after a night of showers.

On its own the parfait costs 1390 yen, but it can also be ordered in a set with matcha and warabi mochi.

The ostentatious dessert is available in Itohkyuemon’s Uji honten main store, as well as the branch outside Uji train station and Gion Shijo-dori. Take a look at Itohkyuemon's website for up to date information on opening times.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.