Japan’s two official Kirby Cafes are located in Tokyo and Hakata, and local fans of the round, pink hero are constantly being spoilt with the ever-evolving menu.

Sometimes the limited-time-only items are inspired by the season, other times their release celebrates a new game, or an event like Kirby’s birthday. Next month, the Kirby Cafe is taking on the British tradition of afternoon tea, in typical kawaii fashion.The ‘Fountain of Dreams Afternoon Tea’ references a mystical location that appears throughout the Kirby series.

The adorable stand is gold and decorated with stars, a common motif in the Kirby games. The top tier has a Fountain of Dreams made from jelly and milk pudding, with a cute Kirby macaron and strawberry tarts beside it. The bottom layer has croissants with tuna and egg salad fillings and tomato soup as the savoury option.

Afternoon tea isn’t just a name, the set, which costs 2948 yen, can’t be ordered until 2.45 pm at the Tokyo location and 2.40 pm at Hakata every day.

Sadly this tiered treat is only available for a limited time only from 1st until 27th June 2021. The full menu and booking information for both branches can be found on the Kirby Cafe website.

By - Jess.