Tabemasu’s super cute convenience store wagashi have covered a lot of different characters in the past. They’ve teamed up with companies such as Sanrio and Disney before, to create versions of mega-popular characters such as Hello Kitty and the Toy Story Aliens.

For their summer offering this year, they’ve come up with some adorable Sumikko Gurashi inspired treats. It’s not the first time they’ve collaborated with San-X on this group of cute characters, but for this release there’s an extra sweet strawberry motif included for the season.

The sweets are made of ‘nerikiri’, a type of traditional Japanese sweet made out of white bean paste and mochi dough. This malleable food can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes, and in this case, particular attention has been paid to recreating the characters’ cute features and round bodies.

The sweets come as a double act, and the two characters selected this time are Shirokuma and Tonkatsu. Both have different fillings, and Shirokuma is milk flavour while Tonkatsu is strawberry milk. Shirokuma is wearing some fetching strawberry bottoms with a leaf headpiece while Tonkotsu clutches a strawberry in front of him.

The wagashi set will be turning up at Family Mart convenience stores all over Japan from 25th May 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.