Yakult is known globally as a probiotic drink, but recently it has received a sweet revamp. This globally popular beverage was created in Japan in the 1930’s, and this month the company behind it has released an unexpected modern update which is ideal for summer.

For the first time ever, Yakult have launched a lineup of ice creams which are available in both an ice cream shop and the supermarket.

Yakult may not be known as the trendiest drink, but the Yakult ice cream pop-up boasts super cute designs and Instagrammable treats. There’s even a nod to the famous Yakult bottle design with a wafer made in the same shape.

The store has appeared in Shibuya 109’s Imada Kitchen from 1st June and will continue until 1st August 2021. Of course, the soft serve ice cream is made with Yakult and there’s seven menu items to choose from including parfaits and shakes.

There is also a limited release of ‘Aisu de Yakult’ to be found in Tokyu Store supermarkets. This ice cream, containing Lactobacillus paracasei Shirota, (the 'good bacteria' that Yakult is famous for) is used as a base for all the treats at the pop-up shop, so you can create your own Yakult parfaits at home too.

Check out the Imada Kitchen website for opening times!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.