The July issue of VOCE magazine has been dubbed 'the beautiful body issue.' Gracing the cover of VOCE for the first time is actress Riho Yoshioka, who lets readers in on the secret of how to maintain a beautiful body.

The July issue also features idol singer and actor Taisuke Fujigaya from Johnny's boyband Kis-My-Ft2 and actor and singer Kento Nakajima from idol group Sexy Zone.

Riho Yoshioka has the kind of body that all girls long for. She says that during the shoot, she was always concerned about her surroundings. She came away convinced that she was beautiful on the inside, not just the outside.

She was happy to have the photographer take informal shots, and before and after shots of her makeup. The editor of the magazine was struck by how pleasant she was to work with. "She's like an air purifier! She is a real breath of fresh air. Even when she's feeling busy and tired, she's a pleasure to meet."

Idol singer Taisuke Fujigaya features in the sixth installment of popular TV series "Ideal Room", which puts members of boyband Kis-My-Ft2 centre stage.

Fujigaya told VOCE that his feelings about life have changed over the past year. "These days, I just want to live a normal life, and be a polite person. I've come to value my time at home more," he says. For his appearance in 'Ideal Room', Fujigaya prepared a room full of wooden furniture. It gave him a warm feeling, which allowed him to relax and spread out. It was a perfect day, he says.

Though still young, Fujigaya has the bearing of an adult. Shots show him reading in profile, smiling as he enjoys his hobby of photography, and deep in thought. His delicate beauty makes for a series of stunning portraits.

In the interview, Fujigaya also discloses that he has recently become addicted to making rice balls. He talks about the ideal adult that he aspires to become and the changes that he plans to make in his selection of home furniture.

Last but not least is Kento Nakajima, star of boyband Sexy Zone, who graces the pages of VOCE with a beautiful collection of portraits. Nakajima is known for his beautiful body but says that he hasn't been doing any training for the past couple of months, as he has been hard at work shooting his latest TV project.

Normally, he has a muscular body, but his contours have been smoothed by rest, creating what he calls his "friendly body." Nakajima is a super friendly person, and all of the staff on the shoot were impressed by his inner beauty, which shone through like a light. His interview was so good that the editor even decided to increase the number of pages dedicated to the heart throb!

The July issue of VOCE comes with an optional Special Edition, which gives readers several free gifts.

Developed by Professor Yuka Hoshino, author of the bestselling book Hogu Pila, the Konpeito Mini Roller works by loosening the muscles on your face, promoting blood flow and tightening the skin. Since it has a small turning radius, it can also be used to stimulate your head, hands and feet.

The second free gift is three types of body care from Paul & Joe Beaute's new Revacance collection. It includes a pack of Sun Protection SPF50+ Clear Body Primer, a pack of Sun Protection SPF30 Body Primer Shimmer, and a pack of after sun oil. Perfect for those long hot summer days on the beach!

You also get a luxurious set of Minon Amino Moist Moisturizing Balance Care, a great product that allows you to try the full range of dry and sebum balancing skin care products for sensitive skin. The set includes Minon Amino Moist Medicinal Acne Care Lotion, Minon Amino Moist Medicinal Acne Care Milk, Minon Amino Moist Balancing Base UV and a Moist Skin Mask.

VOCE's July 2021 issue comes out on May 21st, priced ¥550 for the regular edition and ¥690 for the special edition with beauty product samples. Both prices include tax.

By - George Lloyd.