With back-to-back state of emergencies keeping us at home, we find ourselves spending more time surrounded by family. Whilst it may sound almost like a dream-come-true, being in the same house with the same people day after day can have it’s moments, and we can sometimes find ourselves wishing it weren’t so.

When this happens, it’s important to rekindle the loving home atmosphere we strive to build. With the world’s entertainment just a click of a button away, it seems like it shouldn’t be possible to run out of fun activities to do with the family. So when you find that you’ve burnt through all of your watchlist on netflix, and your thumbs are feeling numb from all the video game play, it is time to turn to simpler things.

If I told you folding clothes could be fun you wouldn’t believe me, until you see this.

Folding pants is just another daily chore that seems too tedious for the whole family to enjoy, but, when sprinkled with a touch of humour, it can become a fun activity that even the kids will look forward to.
That is why Hankyu Men’s Osaka have created the ‘Gimmick Boxer’.

The easy-to-use design makes folding underwear a breeze for both children and adults. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the best way is to fold your boxer shorts, or perhaps you know how to fold, but you just can’t be bothered with it, that’s when the Gimmick Boxer comes into play, and gives you an alternative method that is straightforward, quick and easy.
The pants also make folding underwear a fun activity that even children can enjoy, meaning that you can get the house chores done, teach the kids and have a little fun all at the same time.

The special boxers come in three designs, with each resembling a monster character when folded up correctly. They are available in both adult and children sizes.

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, why not consider the Gimmick Boxers as a unique gift that will make the whole family laugh. If you’re wondering which design to choose from, each monster has their own personality, which may reflect that of the wearer. If you are thinking of buying a piece for Father’s Day, consider which one will be the perfect companion for the giftee, or you can purchase the whole set so that they have the option to choose depending on the mood of the day.


Occupation: Musician
Personality: Intelligent and quick-moving, Zuma is a musician full of innovative ideas that he is always quick to act on. Ideas come to Zuma like a lighting strike, and if he doesn’t take action immediately then he becomes disappointed.


Occupation: Scientist
Personality: Nom is willing to dedicate his time and effort to achieving the ultimate goal, whatever it is. His flexible attitude means that he can adjust himself to fit into a necessary role for any situation.
Nom also takes great pride in his looks, and keeping both an attractive body and soul are important to him.


Occupation: Business Scholar
Personality: Full of business sense, Many strives to connect people with one another. He has eyes that look at the whole picture, micro eyes that see the smaller parts, and trend eyes that look at the flow of things.

The whole collection will be available to purchase from the Men’s underwear section of Hankyu Men's Osaka located on floor B1F.

Sales Period: Wednesday 16 June – Tuesday 13 July 2021
Adult’s price: 4,730 yen (tax included)
Children’s price: 4,180 yen (tax included

By - Connie Sceaphierde.