STRK Inc. has announced the upcoming launch of Toku Pochi, a members-only mail-order site that sells products at drastically discounted prices, including free (plus shipping). Through this site, the company aims to reduce food loss, by only offering products that are fine to eat but are normally discarded since they are close to their expiration date.

Those who are interested can achieve further savings by joining the service through the ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Toku Pochi is scheduled to begin service later this summer upon the completion of its successful campaign which has achieved nearly 1000% of its goal at the time of writing.

Advantages of Toku Pochi

  • Food can be purchased at 60% to 100% off the market price!
  • The membership fee is very low: 130 yen/month for Standard members and 330 yen/month for Premium members
  • You can contribute to the reduction of food loss by purchasing food through Toku Pochi

With each week, your discounts increase!

Eight categories available

Here's an example of recipes made with foods which were purchased for zero yen (plus shipping):

Visit the crowdfunding page here to join.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.