Along with highly encouraged use of eco-friendly "my bags", in recent years Japanese shops and restaurants have begun to shift toward reusable items in efforts to battle plastic waste, including a clever green tea house in Nagoya that provides a morning bottle service.

Tokyo-based healthy food restaurant GRIT TODAY are adding salads to the mix with the introduction of their new "My Eco Bowl" campaign that allows customers to bring in their own personal bowl for all salad servings.

GRIT TODAY normally uses environmentally friendly containers (bagasse-molded containers made from sugarcane waste) at their restaurant, but from May 30th-June 30th will be hosting a promotional event to raise awareness for reducing plastic waste. Customers who bring in their own container for purchases of salad (which will be disinfected at the store) will receive a 10% discount on their order.

More information can be found at GRIT TODAY's official website.

Note: Containers and bowls brought in must accommodate one of the two inhouse sizes offered at GRIT TODAY:

Regular size: 20cm in diameter, 6cm deep, 900ml capacity

Small size: 20cm in diameter, 4cm deep, 680ml capacity

By - grape Japan editorial staff.