Almost two years ago, Kobe Match, a traditional matchmaker founded in 1929, and incense innovator Daihatsu based on Awaji Island, teamed up to release matchstick-style incense sticks called Hibi. Hibi, which translates to "daily" or "day to day" in Japanese, are the world's first "incense with ignition function”, and release a variety of pleasant aromas that last for ten minutes when struck and lit like a match.

After receiving the Japan Design Promotion Organization's 2019 Good Design Award (category of Design of Technique & Tradition), Hibi has experienced a warm reception with overseas orders, and in recognition of that will be adding its previously winter-exclusive yuzu scented Hibi to a package of Japanese aromas including cypress and sandalwood.

The renewed yuzu scented Hibi are set to go on sale June 1st from the official online shop.

They will be available in the following packages:

Regular box (8 sticks) / with special mat for 715 yen

Large box (30 sticks) / with special mat for 2,200 yen

Gift box of three Japanese fragrances (yuzu, hinoki, sandalwood): 8 sticks x 3, with special mat and gift paper bag for 2,750 yen

By - grape Japan editorial staff.