Last year, it appeared as a special guest on Macdonald’s McShake menu, and this year it’s being turned into it’s very own chilled beverage. In what can only be described as some kind of u-turn, Morinaga is putting their old-time fan favourite in the spotlight, and turning their Ramune Soda Candy into a refreshing chilled drink – sans the carbonation.

The new drink is actually part of a collaboration between Morinaga and Co. and their subsidiary, Morinaga Milk Industry (I know, confusing right?).

In a double confusing whammy, the new drink shares the same name with Morinaga’s candy drops, but, as long as you know which section to look in, you should be able to differentiate the two from each other.
Available in 240ml cartons and attached with a straw, the new beverage is set to be released nationwide at convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines from the 8th June 2021.

  • Name:「森永ラムネ」 Morinaga Ramune
  • Contents: 240 ml
  • Availability: Convenience stores, supermarkets, general retailers and vending machines nationwide
  • Release date and area: 8 June 2021
  • Calories: 108 kcal per unit (10 ml)
  • Suggested retail price: 150 JPY (tax not included)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.