Last month the Capcom Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, teased their upcoming Okami-inspired collaboration menu and goods. In this classic game from Capcom, the player takes on the role of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, in the form of a wolf. The game is known for its gorgeous visuals, based on traditional Japanese art and mythology, but Capcom Cafe tantalisingly only revealed one image in their initial announcement of the collaboration menu.

This illustration hinted at the cafe’s main visual theme of ‘sakura fubuki’, a blizzard of cherry blossom. Now Capcom Cafe have revealed, through a long-awaited second announcement, some of the Okami-themed dishes which will be gracing their venue.

First up there’s a ‘Amaterasu Burger’ with ‘Waka Mentai Dip’ (1848 yen) with character motifs.

Oki makes an appearance as a monaka (a type of Japanese wafer) on top of a dashi chazuke (1848 yen).

There’s also sachidama sushi balls for those who need a status boost (1848 yen).

A dessert is being served up too, a roll cake (1408 yen) inspired by both the cherry blossom theme and the black ink you use in the game.

Then there’s three drinks to choose from, each inspired by a different character. You can go for Waka, Oki or Amaterasu (880 yen each).

Those who order a drink can also get a free coaster, in one of ten random designs.

And if you spend over 3000 yen you can grab a postcard.

The cafe will be appearing from 4th June until 15th July 2021 and you can reserve online via the Capcom Cafe website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.