Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner are known for their beautifully presented sweets. Sometimes their creations celebrate holidays, and other times they even take inspiration from new movie releases or popular characters.

In particular, their collaborations with Disney are super cute and often take the form of charming nine-piece mini dessert sets. This latest collection is inspired by Disney’s classic animation, The Little Mermaid.

Each dessert is based on a different character or motif and passionate Disney fans are sure to be able to instantly identify each one. Just to give one hint though, Ariel has two cakes, inspired by both her mermaid get-up and her princess dress.

If you couldn’t recognise them all, here’s a run down. Starting from the top row, there’s Flounder, Ursula and King Triton.

In the middle row you can find Princess Ariel, Mermaid Ariel and Atlantica.

The bottom row is populated by Sebastian, Prince Eric and Max the dog.

The set comes in a fittingly cute box with a design featuring the movie’s characters.

The assortment costs 2700 yen and will be available in branches of Ginza Cozy Corner from 11th June until 29th July.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.