Residents are still under the pressures of the pandemic in Japan. Lockdown measures were reintroduced, and urban centers are again operating in an in-between state. Naturally, a little R&R could do everyone some good. Perhaps artisanal candles could help provide some relief?

The candles posted by Yurari Honpo (@yurari_honpo), an artist who makes her own candles, have become quite the hot topic on Twitter:

"A candle that emphasizes transparency, has no scent, and has no washers supporting its core. It burns quickly because the wick collapses, causing the fire to go out. However, the end result is quite pleasant, and the atmosphere created by its soft light echoing in the night space is delightful. So, I gave it the name "YOIN ," afterglow. The copper-colored boundary almost seems to have been drawn with a crayon, which is good."

As you can see, this candle has a uniquely pale but fantastic color. It is perfect for relaxing and would make an excellent gift. Yurari's followers agreed, and they reacted to her post:

  • “Is this a candle!? Wow!!! I imagine that when the fire is lit, the way it melts is peculiar and wonderful. I want to see a video of what it looks like lit. If it goes on sale, I would love to buy it.”
  • “It looks like amber sugar. So nice.”
  • “I want you to sell it! There is someone I wanted to buy it for.”

Online shoppers

Diligent and devoted to her craft, Yurari responded to her users’ comments that she should start selling it on her website. It seems her followers have already begun receiving the item:

“@yurari_honpo’s candle YOIN has arrived! It's so beautiful… I thought I'd light it on my birthday tomorrow, while eating ice cream… Thank you for the wonderful candles!”

Another satisfied customer:

"My girlfriend likes Yurari Honpo's candle so much, so I secretly bought them as a gift… YOIN is so cute."

And yet another:

"Yurari Honpo’s candle has arrived. It's so beautiful. I will enjoy watching it for a while. It's just Awesome..."

More transparent candles

Yurari is not alone in her admiration of the craft of candle making. Another Twitter user, champ de fleurs (@yuko_candle), has gained online attention for the quality candles the artist makes as well. See for yourself:

"I hope many people will see this. Watching these candles burn helps soothe the soul. I hope their gentle light touches your heart and helps you realize your deepest desires. Please enjoy them from the bottom of your heart."

Indeed, the artist's semi-transparent candles are quite beautiful. They appear almost like a crystal and easily resonate with followers and fans. Unfortunately, the candles go out quickly, so they are best enjoyed in the moment, as many followers commented.

If you are feeling under pressure, whether you live in Japan or not, why not look into buying an artisanal candle and using it to unwind. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.