Coffee is an adult’s drink, or at least an adult habit. Ok, sure, the kids can have a mug, but that's usually made of more milk and sugar, than actual coffee. I know it can be hard to ditch those two mixers, but once you’re able to enjoy espresso by itself, surely you’ve reached ultimate adulthood? ...Or maybe that just means you like borin – ahem, simple – coffee.

Whatever your preference in how you take your coffee, these new shochu spiked coffee jellies, made by blending specialty coffee from Maruyama and top quality shochu from Kirishima, have been developed to create a sensational product that can be enjoyed by both coffee and shochu lovers.
The combination brings together the class of coffee, the maturity of shochu and the fun of jellies, and packs it all into one pocket sized packet that is perfect for a late afternoon snack.

The combination sees the flavour palettes of high-quality Maruyama coffee, and that of Kirishima’s authentic sweet potato shochu, overlap and bring about the best of both worlds.

Maruyama Coffee Blend x Kuro Kirishima

A classic combination of Kuro Kirishima Shochu and Maruyama Coffee blends.
Bitter caramel hues compliment the roasted sweet potato-like flavor with every bite in this deep-tasting combination of coffee and Kuro Kirishima shochu jelly.

Costa Rica x Shira Kirishima

Well-balanced and smooth Shira Kirishima Shochu combines with rich acidic Costa Rican coffee, in this fruity combination jelly.
Bursting with flavours like lychee, apricot and black honey, this combination leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste similar to that which you get after eating fresh fruit.

Ethiopia x Aka Kirishima

The gorgeous scent of Aka Kirishima mixes well with the exotic taste of Ethiopian coffee, and together they make a jelly that is harmonious in both fragrance and flavour.
Accompanying the smooth textured jelly are subtle hints of berry, caramel and sweet potato.

The coffee jelly’s come available in sets of 3 or of 6, so that they can all be eaten and compared against one another. The sets will make for a good gift for family members, friends or even for Fathers Day which is fast approaching.

Kirishima Shuzo Shochu Coffee Jelly 3 pieces

  • Maruyama Coffee Blend x Kuro Kirishima (1 piece)
  • Costa Rica x Shira Kirishima (1 piece)
  • Ethiopia x Aka Kirishima (1 piece)

Price: 3,240 yen

Kirishima Shuzo Shochu Coffee Jelly 6 pieces

  • Maruyama Coffee Blend x Kuro Kirishima (2 pieces)
  • Costa Rica x Shira Kirishima (2 pieces)
  • Ethiopia x Aka Kirishima (2 pieces)

Price: 5,400 yen

The collaboration will be available to purchase from the official Maruyama Coffee store both online and in-person from 1 June – 31 August 2021.

*Just a small reminder, that Shochu liquor is present in these coffee jellies, which feature more than an alcohol content of more than 1%. They should not be consumed by children, those vulnerable to alcohol, those who are pregnant, or have recently given birth and by those who will be driving.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.