Japanese Twitter user Gendai Bijyutsu Nitouhei Fujiwara's (@f2touhey “modern art Private Fujiwara”) unique art work is becoming viral on Twitter.

As you know, it takes about a few minutes to cook up a batch of Cup Noodle. Many people place some sort of weight on top to keep the lid closed as it cooks.

But what if, one day, you forget to place the weight on top of the cup-noodle you are cooking, and look away for a moment? Well, this may as well be something that would happen to your noodles!

Source: @f2touhey

The noodles are flooding out of the cup!

Just for a moment, it might make you want to scream “Oh no!” and that is totally understandable.

But breathe, wait a moment and take a closer look… yup, no need to worry, that’s the “weight” for their cup-noodle lid!

"I made a cup-noodle lid weight that if you take your eyes off for a second will go 'whoa!'"

Source: @f2touhey

Source: @f2touhey

Source: @f2touhey

As you can see, even the cat is very curious about this interesting art piece.

If you were making late-night noodles drunk, and saw this on your cup-noodle, it will definitely catch you off guard for a moment!

This unique art piece that makes you slightly on the edge for a moment, received 60k Likes and getting a lot of praise on Twitter.

"I did not think of this. I’d definitely buy one if I saw this in store."

"Love the sense of humor. How brilliant."

"This got me good! It’s so funny, though!"

This is such a playful lid weight.

The only thing is to avoid having this happening for real while making your noodles!

By - Mugi.