Meats Town is a website that specializes in deliveries and exclusive branded meats, such as Iga beef and Matsusaka beef, from the Mie Prefecture in Japan.

The site is handling high-quality beef and provides related information for their customers regarding the types of meat or how to choose it.

What makes Meats Town different from other websites is that they handle more than one type of beef from all over the country and document themselves about each breed.

The staff goes to the butcher shop or local farms to do that, and they put a lot of time into listening to their stories, learning about the characteristics of the cattle breeds, and lastly, sell it.

Here are some of the merits of using this service:

High-quality beef at only one click away. Delivery anytime, anywhere!

Through Meats Town, you can also purchase superior quality beef from anywhere in Japan, and it gets delivered fresh right at your doorstep. 

Safety and Quality come first!

The website handles direct shipping right from the production area, so it brings a big plus to the freshness of the products.

Knowledge and cooking methods

Meats Town also offers a lot of information regarding each beef breed. They also include various cooking techniques and storage methods, making things a lot easier even for beginners (like me!).

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