When all the lush scenery blooming in spring, it is a simple luxury to have a nice lunch on a patio while enjoying fresh air.

Japanese photographer AyuMi (@a_yumi0425) does landscaping photography and shares the photos on her Twitter often.

Recently, she took a photo during her lunch on an open patio at “Korobokkuru Hutte Café” in Suwa city, Nagano prefecture. The photo instantly gained viral popularity.

Take a look at this breath-taking photo.

Source: @a_yumi0425

In the photo, you can see a very hearty plate of Borscht, buns and coffee...and then the magnificent view in Nagano spreads right in front of your eyes. With this view, it not only fills up your stomach but also your heart, too!

The contrast between Mt. Kirigamine coated in green and the vast blue sky create such a breath-taking, relaxing landscape that is even therapeutic to look at.

Many people were impressed with the view, and left comments:

"This photo made me feel like I was there in person. Thank you for this heartwarmingly gorgeous view!"

"How wonderful! I can even feel the breeze from here. "

"The best view. This view is so refreshing it makes me forget all the negative stuff!"

"Oh how nice! I’d love to have my morning coffee with my book looking at this view."

By the way, AyuMi also has a photo of the same landscape in the fall, too. Take a look at the comparison:

Source: @a_yumi0425

Source: @a_yumi0425

Between summer and fall, there’s this much difference. The first one was taken sometime in July and the second one in October.

It gives a totally different ambience between the two seasons, doesn’t it?

“I wish I could just lounge in a place with a view like this...” must have been the thought of many of those who saw these amazing photos!

By - Mugi.