The famous “Ji (Temple) beer” has been a popular menu item at the local farm Café ZENCHO, and temple inns EBISUYA and KAKURINBO in Yamanashi prefecture. In the beer's name, “Ji” (寺) means temple, however, a local craft beer is also called "Ji-beer" in Japanese. You can see their playful pun in their branding here.

Alcohol and religions have surprisingly had undeniable historical ties all over the world. In Europe, abbeys used to make and sell alcohol to raise funding or to contribute to community finance.

On May 10th 2021, Teramachi’s beloved temple beer at the inn “Kakurinbo” in Kuon Temple, a headquarter temple for Nichiren Buddhism, became no exception to that history. They are taking a leap of faith, literally, and making their Ji-beer available online! It is in an effort to support the community establishment of Teramachi, and they are making it exclusively available on via crowdfunding campaign with many perks in return for the purchase! Those perks are very unique to the nature of temple, such as good-luck charms from the temple, a variety of Natto (fermented soybeans), eye-glass cases, and so much more.

Following their original white beer, they now have new lineups for this campaign: Red (Pilsner) and Blue (IPA) all with unique and stylish label designs.

This Ji-beer has not only been a popular beer but also a great promotional product for Teramachi. Now, the beer will be available in bottles for purchase as a gift or a souvenir. Since this is from a sacred temple, it would be a perfect good luck gift to any celebratory occasions, too!

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Contact info: Minobusan kakurinbo “Kakurinbo Temple Beer”


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Yamanashi prefecture 409-2524

Phone: 0556-62-0014

Fax: 0556-62-0045

By - Mugi.