Beginning on June 25th, 2021, BOOTROOM Corporation will begin offering sustainable artificial grass that is friendly to nature and the environment, the first such product available in Japan.

It is said that artificial turf is responsible for 12% of the marine pollution caused by microplastics, which is now attracting attention from the perspective of SDGs. In addition, conventional artificial turf can only be disposed of as industrial waste in landfills after use, which is another major issue in the quest for a sustainable society.

Easigrass, a leading gardening artificial grass brand, has developed the first 100% recyclable artificial grass product in order to solve the social and environmental issues caused by artificial grass.

The special backing used for the new 100% recyclable artificial turf also offers a variety of other advantages to users in addition to reducing environmental impact.

Compared with conventional artificial turf products built on rubber (SBS) backing, easigrass offers numerous advantages. (English translations are ours):

In commemoration of this first release in Japan, BOOTROOM will be selling this 100% recyclable artificial grass at a special price of 10% off the list price for the first 10 customers (regardless of whether they are corporations or individuals). Both installation and DIY services are available.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the form here, but you do not have to purchase the product. Cancellation after receiving the quotation is acceptable.

For more information, visit BOOTROOM's website here (in Japanese)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.