On April 28th 2021, a real estate company Banc opened museum style café “SUMIKA-Architecture café” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. SUMIKA is Japan’s first café for architecture enthusiasts, displaying architecture models of some of the world's famous modern buildings. The building models are all built and replicated in detail to perfection by the TV architecture model competition winner, Yohei Hayashi. Each of them is displayed on group tables, and you can stay at your favorite famous buildings of the world as long as you’d like… while sipping on your coffee and eating delicious snacks!

Shinjuku 3-chome district has an abundance of interesting cafés. SUMIKA café is definitely one of the unique ones aiming for a particular group of clientele and interest. But, its open space concept, high ceiling and Wi-Fi availability makes this café a friendly spot for just about anyone.

Asides from the usual coffee, tea and soft drinks, the café has great lineup for food menu; SUMIKA original fruit sandwich, raw chocolate and gateau chocolate from “Miho Chef Chocolatier” by Chocolatier chef Miho Saito, and egg sandwich from the famous Asabujuban AMANOYA. To top it off, the café turns into a night-museum bar at 6 pm and you can enjoy the art and alcohol in dim light.

Got a few architectural questions for your future dream home? SUMIKA also takes care of that, too. There are interior design portfolios you can take a look at, as well as real-estate agents and architectural specialists who can help you with anything from simple real-estate questions to getting contact info of interior designers to create your own dream home.

They are also calling for all artists for their first architectural model competition event. The theme is “Jungle-gym for children” which kids can have at home during this stay-at-home order period. The best winner will be rewarded with 300,000 yen. Check the homepage for details.

From architecture enthusiasts to those who are just looking for a unique space to indulge in art while having your favorite sweets and coffee, SUMIKA has a niche for anyone. Why not stretch your legs and visit the café this weekend?

By - Mugi.