Conveyor belt sushi, also known as “kaiten sushi" (sushi-go-round) is a very popular style of eating sushi in Japan. Each dish is delivered to you through the conveyor belt which goes around the table. It is really exciting to see all the delicious sushi dishes making their way to you on the conveyor belt.

Little did we know it wasn’t just us humans who get excited for the sushi-go-round!

A pet hamster, Pooh-chan may be luckiest hamster yet. His owner (@eNc9mflXiWpYbjw) built a miniature conveyor belt sushi machine just for him! Needless to say, he was utterly excited to see his own sushi-go-round.

So many people were smitten by the sight of Pooh-chan’s tiniest sushi-go-round machine, and of course, adorable Pooh-chan getting excited with all his favorite “sushi” dishes he was devouring.

"How to enjoy your sushi-go-round experience. Second edition."

The conveyor belt looks just like the real one at a kaiten sushi restaurant.

Now, let’s take a look at the photo below. On Pooh-chan’s plates, there are a variety of veggies, fruits and hamster treats all cut into small pieces to fit into the miniature sushi plate. No wonder Pooh-chan is so ecstatic!

Although we can only imagine the hassle of cutting up all the fruits and veggies into such small pieces, you can clearly see how much the owner loves Pooh-chan.

Seeing how excited Pooh-chan is with his new sushi-go-round, though, we'd open our new “sushi” restaurant any time any day for him again!

By - Mugi.