In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Izumi Matsumoto’s popular manga “Kimagure Orange Road” was among one of the best-selling Love Comedy manga stories portraying love-triangle between a teenage psychic boy and two beautiful girls “Madoka Ayukawa” and “Hikaru Hiyama”.

This year, a perfume trading company “FAIRYTAIL” is coming out with two new perfume products, featuring the Orange Road’s two heroines “Madoka Ayukawa” and “Hikaru Hiyama”.

Both of the perfume packages will have Akemi Takada’s illustration work of the characters. The perfume uses special scent recipes made in France, and this makes it appealing for not only Kimagure fans who want to soak in nostalgia of the 90s, but for any serious perfume collectors, too!

“Kimagure Orange Road”- Eau de Parfum “Madoka Ayukawa”

Scent: Floral bouquet

A cool beauty with a fickle tendency was how we would describe “Madoka Ayukawa”. The top-note is a cute, floral scent, which then turns into a classy elegant scent is how they created a fragrance for this bottle. A perfect portrait of Madoka, a cool beauty and straight-A student, but also a very kind hearted girl.

Top-note: Mandarin essence, bergamot essence, citrus

Middle-note: Rose, jasmine, peony

Last-note: patchouli, white musk

Amount: 500ml

Price: 3,500yen

“Kimagure Orange Road”- Eau de Parfum “Hikaru Hiyama”

Scent: Citrus fruity floral

Always chaotic, mysteriously unique and full of energy are a few words to describe the beautiful Hikaru Hiyama’s character. Grapefruit and lemon citrus scent leaves you in a refreshed state with this bottle. Exactly how powerful Hikaru would make you feel. Once she likes you, nothing is stopping her from pursuing her feelings!

Top-note: Lemon, grapefruit, black currant

Middle-note: Rhubarb, rose, violet

Last-note: Amber, musk

Amount: 500ml

Price: 3,500yen

Along with the perfumes, there will be 6 gorgeous Acrylic canvas arts, illustrated by Akemi Takada available for purchase! The first edition canvas-arts are also the two heroines, Madoka and Hikaru themed. The second edition will be available sometime in the summer 2021.

All the products are available for purchase on FAIRYTAIL online store, as well as on Amazon.

By - Mugi.