“Night on the Galactic Railroad” is one of the popular fictional novels written by Kenji Miyazawa. A loner boy, Giovanni, travels on the Galactic railroad with his friend, Campanella in the book.

A photo that Ryogo Urata (@Ryogo_Urata) took at the airport one night resembled a scene from the said book.

Ryogo Urata was taking photos of planes taking off on the runway. One of the photos came out as if a light pathway was leading to the night sky. Take a look at this gorgeous shot!

"I took a photo of an airplane taking off on the runway, and it turned out like “a pathway leading up to the night sky”!

Source: @Ryogo_Urata

Just like he captioned it, the lights from the airplane look like pathways to the night sky, doesn’t it?

It even captured angles of the curvatures perfectly aligned.

This reminded many people of the book, “Night on the Galactic Railroad”, and left everyone in awe. “So beautiful!”, “How gorgeous. This is an incredible photo” were a few of the comments people left.

This scene matches well with the night lights of the airport, making it look extra magical, too!

By - Mugi.