Early summer is the season for fireflies in Japan.

The sight of fireflies floating in the air with their soft lights in the dark is just so magical.

Japanese photographer Usadadanuki (@usalica) took a few photos of the dreamy sight of fireflies in 2020, and posted them on twitter recently. These photos are so beautiful they will leave you in awe.

"Genji and Princess fireflies dance around in the shrine. In the pitch dark precincts of the shrine, these fireflies looked like a flowing river of lights. "

Source: @usalica

Source: @usalica

Source: @usalica

This beautiful sight will take your breath away!

It looks so serene when there’s nothing but the fireflies flying ever so freely to light the precinct in the dark, too.

It is as if the Milky Way appeared on earth, created by fireflies, that makes you feel so magical.

It will be a great treat and even therapeutic to go look for beautiful fireflies in nature once the season starts.

By - Mugi.