While it may have taken some warming up to for the uninitiated, more and more makers seem to be turning to insects as a nutritionally efficient and less environmentally demanding protein source. Japan in particular has seen crickets used as an alternative used in craft soy sauce, a 100-cricket per bowl ramen, and even as an instant vending machine snack.

Odd Future Corporation's "food tech brand" Innocect is built on using crickets as a sustainable ingredient alternative to "be kind to both body and earth", and their latest release follows up on that motto by adding some extra hop to your cup of Joe with "Cricket Coffee".

Their new Cricket Coffee blends cricket powder with a specialty coffee from Brazil, characterized by well-balanced profile of acidity and bitterness. Odd Future hopes that the coffee can allow coffee drinkers to enjoy a sustainable protein source along with their daily cup that also touts nutritional benefits such as an abundance of 9 essential amino acids and BCAA, as well as beneficial to probiotic support of gastrointestinal health.

Cricket Coffee is available for order in Japan from the official Innocect online store for 1,649 yen for a 150g bag.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.