Big fans of KFC’s finger lickin’ chicken will be pleased to hear the fast food chain is introducing their Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich to menus at stores throughout Japan from 2 June 2021.

Two domestically sourced chicken fillets, cooked according to Colonel Sanders’s secret ‘original chicken’ recipe, are sandwiched between soft-textured whole-grain buns. The sandwich is garnished with fresh lettuce and double the amount of KFC’s special mayonnaise.

Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich menu (tax included)

Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich – 550 yen
Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich set – 850 yen (Double chicken fillet sandwich, potato fries (S), drink (M)
Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich Box – 1050 yen (Double chicken fillet sandwich, boneless kentucky, potato (S), drink (M), mini apple pie)

Release date: Wednesday 2 June 2021 *due to quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
Location: KFC stores nationwide

On the same day, KFC Japan will be releasing a new TV commercial starring the much loved Japanese comedy duo – Bananaman.

The commercial begins with Osamu Shitara ordering two Chicken Fillet Sandwiches for himself and Yuki Himura whilst stating “It’s improper to come to KFC and not order a sandwich”. When the sandwiches arrive, Himura exclaims in surprise “There’s an extra chicken...did you order two?!”. At the end, the two pose with a Colonel Sanders statue and their sandwiches whilst saying “If you visit KFC, you should order a sandwich.”

The shooting of the new commercial took place in the early hours of an office district in Tokyo. As it was the first time for the staff to work alongside Bananaman, there was a sense of tension and anxiety in the air, but when they stepped on scene, the atmosphere changed completely. The two kept morale up with their jokes on set, and the scene was recorded surrounded by a bright and cheery atmosphere.

Title of CM: "Chicken fillet sandwich" Waiting for cash register "
Broadcast period: 2 June 2021 – TBA
Starring: Bananaman (Osamu Shitara and Yuki Himura)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.