The long-tailed tit, often found nestling on branches in Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido, is often touted as the country's cutest bird, which is why its been turned into an army of merchandise that includes giant plushies and even adorable tea bags.

While not many get to encounter the cute critter, @daily_simaenaga provides you with your very much needed daily dose of long-tailed tit ("shimaenaga" in Japanese) hits. Recently they shared photos recreating the bird as the traditional Japanese sweet sakura mochi, and now they've taken on the challenge of making "the cutest rice balls in the world", and we'd say they succeeded!

@daily_simaenaga cleverly decorated the onigiri (rice balls) with nori seaweed and konbu into the features of a long-tailed tit, which already have a fitting white and round shape. As you can see, @daily_simaenaga takes their love for the bird very seriously, even featuring a long-tailed tit chopstick rest.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.