When thinking about the kinds of food that dogs go wild for, vegetables probably don’t instantly come to mind.

But this trio of Shiba inu dogs have a particular passion for cabbage, as shown in this adorable video that went viral on the Japanese side of Twitter last month.

At the start of the video the dogs can’t take their eyes of the cabbage leaves, leading to an amazingly synchronised head raise when the owner lifts one up. This comical move is followed by each shibe getting their cabbage leaf in quick succession and running away to fully enjoy their treat.

The video was liked over 46 thousand times and retweeted more than 12 thousand times. Commenters were amazed at the dogs’ love for cabbage and how adorably and politely they lined up to receive their cabbage leaf.

Other posts show the three dogs are thick as thieves, and their camaraderie explains why they lined up for their snack in such an orderly manner.

If you want to see more super cute Shiba inu antics from these three dogs, the owner uploads regular video and photo updates on Twitter so check out their profile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.