Thanks to stores such as Krispy Kreme, doughnut fans in Japan are treated to a never-ending rotation of adorable seasonal offerings. Their creations are extra cute, like their rabbit doughnuts for spring, cows for Chinese New Year, and appearances by well known characters like the ubiquitous Minions.

The next event in the calendar is Father’s Day, and Krispy Kreme have come up with the perfect way to show your dad some appreciation, with a Father’s Day doughnut and box.

The special doughnut is called the ‘Papa Custard’, and it’s made in the image of the kindly, smiling face of a dad. The filling is vanilla custard cream and there’s a caramel chocolate coating on top. The dad’s hair is made from crunchy almonds and his features consist of two dots for eyes and a big smile.

This doughnut can be bought on its own as a takeout treat for 259 yen (or 264 yen for eat in). But if you know your father is an ardent doughnut fan, there’s also a whole Father’s Day box on offer, called the ‘Papa Box’ (1252 yen takeout, 1276 yen eat in). This contains two of the Papa Custards, as well as one original glazed, one old fashion Uji matcha, one cinnamon sugar and one choco sprinkle.

The limited time only ‘Papa Custard’ doughnut and ‘Papa Box’ will be on sale from 9th to 20th June 2021 in branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.