With their series of Romancecar Limited Express trains that connect central Tokyo with Odawara, Enoshima, Tama New Town and Hakone, the Odakyu Electric Railway company is one of the most well known train operating companies in the Kanto region. With trains that pass by Yoyogi, Gotokuji, Yomiuri-land, Machida, Enoshima and many other points of interest it would be hard as a visitor to Kanto to avoid using at least one of the Odakyu Line train line series. Hitting up so many popular destinations, the trainline even has a fan base of sorts that held a ‘Love for the Odakyu Line’ Clubhouse room earlier this year on audio-chat sns application.

Now, fans of the company will be able to show off their Odakyu appreciation with the company’s renewed ‘Eki Stamp’ series.

Consider the Odakyu Line’s ‘Eki Stamp’ series as a sort of spin off of the popular Goshuin temple stamp collections that have seen an increase in popularity recently. However, unlike Goshuin – of which there are hundreds and thousands to collect – the Odakyu Eki Stamp series is made up of only 70 station stamps, this means the collection can easily be completed by any Odakyu fan – especially if they ride the lines on the regular.

The new ‘Eki Stamp’ series draws on the characteristics of each station, and it’s surroundings along the Odakyu train lines. For example, the stamp for Shinjuku Station features the Limited Express Romance Car with a backdrop of the famous city skyscrapers, the Katase-Enoshima stamp features a motif of the station’s Ryūgū-jō(Dragon palace) style building and the stamp for Kurokawa Station expresses the area’s connection to classical music with what appears to be two symphonists performing on the platform.
The series of stamps also features a number of designs commemorating retired trains, so real Densha Otaku (train enthusiasts) will want to get their hands on those ones.

The stamp collection comes in three different colours; the Odakyu line is red and features prints with the Limited Express Romance Car GSE (70000 type), the Enoshima line stamps are inspired by the sea and are blue, and the Tama line stamps, influenced by the Tama hills, are green.

If you’re looking to hop on board the Odakyu Line Eki Stamp collection, simply stop by and request a stamp from the station staff at the ticket gate (but be aware, there are times when staff are absent at certain stations – you can check the times when stations are manned on the official Odakyu website).
The Odakyu line also has a ‘one-day free ticket for all lines’, which may prove useful for Odakyu Line Eki Stamp Oshi-tetsu(train stamp collectors).

Odakyu one-day free ticket for all lines

Period of use: Valid for 1 day
Adults: 2000 yen
Children: 1000 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.