Nissin's flagship instant ramen Cup Noodle has seen itself reinvented in many forms during its long run as the go-to for quick noodle cravings, including protein packed "pro" versions and even certified space food.

Whether enjoyed on earth or on the International Space Station, however, the constant savory morsel of Cup Noodle's "mystery meat" has remained. While perhaps not the most appetizing thing to call the meaty cubes that fill Cup Noodle products, the company recently adopted the term that originated as internet slang as their own official branding (as well as revealed the actual content of the meat).

Nissin's latest entry in their large-sized "Cup Noodle Big" series shows that the mystery doesn't have a monopoly on one type of meat. Their newest flavor "Cup Noodle Karaage Lemon" evolves the normal mystery meat into "mystery karaage"--an enigmatic twist on Japan's favorite fried chicken.

Karaage is the flavorful fried chicken often found stuffing bento boxes and topping bar menus, but it isn't seen a lot in instant ramen.

Nissin has created a karaage-flavored version of their mystery meat that they say tastes just like a juicy hunk of the real thing, and is serving them up in a batch of noodles with chicken soup seasoned with garlic, ginger, and black pepper. The soup is topped off with a refreshing punch of lemon juice, which is often used to add flavor to karaage.

Cup Noodle Karaage Lemon Flavor Big will go on sale throughout Japan beginning June 12th, and looks to be a less overwhelming but worthy successor to chicken nugget and French fry flavored Cup Noodle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.