Krispy Kreme Japan’s creations are the envy of doughnut fans all over the world. Sometimes they celebrate events like Christmas or Lunar New Year, other times they collaborate with well-known characters such as the Minions. But one type of treat which is always timely is a seasonal doughnut.

Krispy Kreme Japan have already released one early summer lineup, but as it heats up they’ve decided it’s time for a new summer doughnut collection. These two menu additions are inspired by all the nautical fun the season has in store for us.

First there’s a tribute to one of the most popular inhabitants of the aquarium, the seal. This super cute treat is called the ‘Seal Custard’, and the fluffy doughnut is covered in a white chocolate coating with a vanilla custard cream filling. His seal-esque features are drawn on with dark chocolate and he has a white chocolate mouth.

The second option is a watermelon flavoured swimming ring which will instantly bring a day at the seaside to mind. The ring has a white chocolate coating and a juicy watermelon glaze to create the red and white pattern.

These doughnuts will be appearing at branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan from 23rd June to 22nd July 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.