I must admit, when I first found a Tom and Jerry DVD readily available in DAISO, I was filled with excited nostalgia and couldn’t wait to see how the show would pick up here. Little did I know Tom and Jerry has actually been a big hit here since it’s first Japanese broadcast back in 1965.
After doing a little bit of digging I was surprised to come across this 2005 survey run by Asahi TV that even placed the show at number 58 on a list of ‘top 100 anime of all time’ (it has to be noted that in Japan the word ‘anime’ encompasses all types of animation, regardless of where it is made or it’s style).

With its lack of dialogue and easy-to-follow comedy skits, it’s not hard to see why America’s Tom and Jerry gained quite a following here in Japan. And like most other forms of entertainment involving lovable characters in Japan, Tom and Jerry are no strangers to being featured on/at limited edition foods, drinks, products and events – such as this Cheesecake Popcorn latte from Tully’s or this one-of-a-kind Tom and Jerry pop-up cafe that appeared earlier this year.

If you missed out on the collaborations mentioned above, don’t worry, this special ‘Tom and Jerry Cheesecake’ from Cake.jp is ready to transport you into the world of everybody’s favourite mischievous duo.

The cheesecake resembles Jerry’s favourite food; Emmental cheese, which makes an appearance in practically every episode of Tom and Jerry. Great care has been taken to realise a cake that not only looks like it came straight out of the cartoon TV show, but to also ensure that the flavour can be loved by people of all ages.

In addition to it’s looks and rich taste, the cake also comes accompanied by a collection of food picks featuring Tom, Jerry and Nibbles (a.k.a Tuffy) designs. Decorate your cheesecake with these food picks to bring the world of Tom and Jerry to life.

Tom and Jerry Cheesecake

A unique design cheesecake resembling the Emmental cheese that appears in cartoon TV show Tom and Jerry. Smooth in texture, the cake is made using rich tasting Swiss Emmental cheese and French cream cheese.
Includes original Tom, Jerry and Nibbles (Tuffy) food picks, as well as an original printed Tom and Jerry wooden fork.

Size: 1 piece 70g (radius 7cm/ height 4.5cm)
Quantity: 4 pieces per box Price: 2,500 yen (tax included) plus shipping fee 1,100 yen

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By - Connie Sceaphierde.