Japanese wagashi (traditional sweets) are known not only for their taste, but their presentation too. Sweet lovers can find beautifully crafted creations, but also tributes to all kinds of popular characters. Tabemasu, a company that specialises in such creations, have made detailed sweet representations of famous faces such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and even the Toy Story Aliens.

Tabemasu previously released some adorable Kimetsu no Yaiba wagashi last year, a sweet duo that featured main characters Tanjiro and Nezuko. But for this year’s release, another fan favourite is making an appearance.

The offerings for 2021 include Zenitsu Agatsuma with his signature blonde hair.

Tanjiro and Nezuko are also back again and each cute treat has a different filling. Tanjiro is chocolate, Nezuko is strawberry and Zenitsu is custard.

Each one is completely edible as they are made from nerikiri, a traditional Japanese sweet which is easily coloured and moulded into different shapes. Thanks to this, they are also extra detailed, including features such as Tanjiro’s scar and ear accessories. The base of the sweets is inspired by each character’s kimono making them even more recognisable.

These demon-slaying wagashi can be found in the chilled section of Lawson convenience stores from 15th June 2021 for 285 yen each.

But if you’re not a fan of wagashi, or just want to get your hands on any and all Demon Slayer treats that exist, check out the cheesecake tarts that are turning up at the same time in Lawson.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.