If you’ve checked your weather app recently, you may have noticed some kind of pattern beginning to form; today ... rain, tomorrow ... rain, next week...rain. And with no apparent break in the flow of humidity and water, you may have found yourself wondering ‘will it go on forever?!’

The short answer to that is ‘no’. In fact the Tsuyu season doesn’t usually last much longer than a few weeks, and in all honesty, we will all probably be wishing for a little bit of that rainy season magic once the inferno of summer starts to take hold.

Whilst many of us will choose to stay home and keep dry over the next few weeks, there are in fact a few things that can make being out in the rain worth it; hydrangea in full bloom, the reflections of traditional Japanese architecture glistening in the the rain, and a lack of tourists at destination spots, which gives you the chance to explore in almost complete solitude. Of course you can’t be expected to go galavanting out in the downpours, and what better excuse is there to pick up a cute, stylish and convenient umbrella as a souvenir?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect shelter to keep you on your feet throughout the rainy season, Tokyu Hands is the place to go. Available now in store and online, their newest lineup consists of a range of umbrellas and umbrella must-haves designed with great care given to their functionality.

Umbrella Birdcage Aurora

Price: 1,980 yen
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This birdcage umbrella features a dome-shaped canopy that keeps you dry and sheltered from the wind. Like other birdcage umbrellas, this one is transparent, allowing the user to see ahead of them whilst they walk around in the rain.
The base of the umbrella canopy is accentuated by a holographic border which reflects and refracts light onto the ground. This characteristic is similar to when light refracts through a glass prism, and makes this umbrella a popular choice for instagrammers, tiktokers and other SNS users.

Colour(s): Transparent with a holographic pink and blue border
Open Diameter: 89 cm
Open pole length: 86 cm
Weight: 315g

G Zero Pocket Umbrella

Price: 3,300 yen
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Weighing in at just 99g, you can’t get an umbrella much lighter than this.
With high water resistance, a UV cut rate of around 99.9% and a high-heat-shielding effect, this compact umbrella is perfect for both rainy and sunny weather.
With its compact size and weight, as well as it’s multi-functionality, the G Zero won’t ever let the weather catch you off guard.

Colour(s): Navy
Open Diameter: 80 cm
Open pole length: 50 cm
Folded length: 21cm
Weight: 99g

CHAM CHAM MARKET mini shade and rain umbrella

Price: 3,080 yen
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At just 14.9cm in length when folded, the CHAM CHAM MARKET is Japan’s smallest light-shielding umbrella that can be used on both sunny and rainy days. The umbrella also comes with a carabiner, so that it can easily be attached to a bag when not in use.

Colour(s): Light blue with beige pattern
Open Diameter: 91 cm
Open pole length: 50 cm
Folded length: 14.9cm
Weight: 266g

Tokyu Hands Original – Hands + Origami Umbrella

Price: 3,740 yen
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Have you ever felt betrayed by an umbrella that failed to keep your backpack dry? Me too...in fact, I’ve even resorted to reinventing my backpack as a ‘frontpack’ when sheltering under my umbrellas from the rain. If you too, are fed up with this unnecessary rearrangement that happens each time the heavens open up, then not to worry, Tokyu Hands has got your back – quite literally.
The Hands + Origami Umbrella features a design where a portion of the ribs open up wider, allowing for you and your backpack to stay dry together. The umbrella is also convenient when walking side by side with children in the rain.

Colour(s): Green, Navy
Open Diameter: 50cm main canopy, 70cm extended canopy
UV Shielding: 90% or more
Weight: 300g

TAKENOCO smart umbrella cover

Price: 1,430 yen
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When exploring during the rainy season you have to be kind to yourself and take regular breaks. But just because you are enjoying being outside, doesn’t mean you need to bring the water in with you. Protect your clothes, your neighbouring commuter, or the floor from your dripping umbrella with the TAKENOCO umbrella cover. A compact umbrella case that can be stretched from 7cm to 24.5cm, complete with a silicone strap for easy transport, the TAKENOKO is a must-have companion for your umbrella throughout the rainy season.

Colour(s): Mint, Black, Lavender

By - Connie Sceaphierde.