Following the success of their popular Lemon-Do chuhai, Coca-Cola has announced the release of their second alcoholic beverage brand called “Nomel’s Hard Lemonade”, in Japan available starting June 21st.

Coca-Cola Japan is offering these refreshing hard lemonade drinks as a summer release, with a "pop" themed label illustration. There are three different flavors you can choose from of Nemol’s Hard Lemonade depending on your mood:

“Nomel’s Hard Lemonade original”

Just like the sweet and sour lemonade that you always loved, but with a kick of alcohol.

Alc.5%, Fruit juice 20%

“Nomel’s Hard Lemonade Sour! Sour! Sour!”

Using Yuzu citrus to add to the sourness, this drink "will energize your body and soul".

Alc.5%, Fruit juice 14%

“Nomel’s Hard Lemonade Bitter Sour”

With a hint of Juniper berry often used as a main ingredient in gin making, this one is a perfect drink if you are looking for something more dry, and with extra bitter flavor of tonic water.

Alc.7% Fruit juice 8%

Their back-story episode of the brand is also fun to get to know about. In the main logo, you can see three young people: Natalie, Naomi and Ben working behind the food truck, starting their own lemonade business. There will be original stories available on the official site and social media accounts, where you can see unique personalities of the three characters.

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By - Mugi.