Pokemon manhole covers in Japan started as a campaign to bring visitors to lesser known areas of the country. These awesome one-of-a-kind designs can be found in Japan’s frosty north, and even on a secluded island. However, these installations have proved so popular that they’re even turning up in tourist hotspots.

Now central Tokyo has welcomed two original covers to a famous location, Ueno Park.

One of the Pokemon chosen to star in the designs is Tyrunt. As a fossil Pokemon, he’s the perfect candidate for a manhole cover which can be found outside the National Museum of Nature and Science. He’s joined by the psychic type Pokemon, Wynaut.

The second cover also features two Pokemon, and can be found outside of the Tokyo National Museum. The pretty, kaleidoscopic design includes Baltoy and Bronzor, two fitting creatures for the location. Baltoy's design is based on clay figures from the Jomon period, and Bronzor resembles a bronze mirror which would be used in ancient times and has a link to a Japanese myth.

These covers are called ‘Pokefuta’ in Japanese, which has been translated as ‘Poke Lids’ on the official website. There are currently 169 installed all over Japan for intrepid Pokemon trainers to find.

Locations for all the Pokemon manhole covers can be found on the Poke Lids website, which includes every single Pokemon manhole cover to be found in Japan currently. Most are permanent, but some are temporary so be sure not to miss out on your favourite Pokemon!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.