Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) is enjoyed by many as a family affair in Japan. However, the communal dining experience of having a sushi-go-round pass by your table and glide your order directly to you has taken a step back during the pandemic.

Kappa Sushi, one of Japan's biggest kaitenzushi chains, actually provided a "On-Site Conveyor-Belt Sushi Service," in September of 2020 that sent sushi chefs and a portable sushi conveyor belt to homes and events for a delivery kaitenzushi experience that would seem perfect right about now for those staying at home with a hankering for revolving sushi.

After a positive response, Kappa Sushi has decided to streamline the service by now allowing customers to rent their very own sushi conveyor belt device along with takeout orders of sushi, which means you can host your very own kaitenzushi party at home featuring luxurious steak and uni sushi and even fried chicken sushi.

The rental revolving lane can hold up to 15 plates at a time and only needs to be plugged into an outlet to operate. It can be rented for one night and two days when you purchase 3,000 yen or more of Kappa Sushi takeout items.

Participating stores: Itabashi (Tokyo), Nerima Kanui (Tokyo), Kawasaki Ichinotsubo (Kanagawa), Ikuno (Osaka), and Minamitsumori (Osaka)

Rental price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

How to rent: Purchase a Kappa Sushi take-out item (3,000 yen or more including tax) at one of the participating restaurants (*To reserve a lane, please call or visit the restaurant).

Rental period: Until 9:00 pm the next day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.