It's not uncommon to hear of workers in Japan's service industry going the extra mile to accommodate customers with convenience and hospitality, whether it be in everyday taken-for-granted ways or Nintendo's famed "godly customer service".

Japanese Twitter user ChoroHaha (@Chorouzu1017) recently shared an example of such hospitality that has many surprised at a touching and playful gesture by maintenance staff on the runway of Amami Airport on the island of Amami Oshima.

As their plane was on the runway waiting to depart from the airport, @Chorouzu1017 looked out the window and noticed that a thoughtful worker had sprayed an artistic message of gratitude to those who had visited the island.

Along with some very well drawn flowers, the staff also wrote out "Arigasama Ryota", a regional way of saying "Arigatou Gozaimasu" or "Thank you very much" on Amami Oshima. The video received many comments from those touched by the gesture, which perhaps carries a bit of extra weight given that the tourism industry some of the island thrives on has been hit hard by the pandemic.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.