Shiba inu are some of the cutest canines around, and whether they are divaishly holding up television photoshoots because they keep falling asleep or melting into instant noodle pet beds, they have a somewhat derpy yet endearing demeanor that will always cause us to stop and stare.

Photographer Tetsuya Yutaka (@tetsuya_yutaka) recently shared a photo he captured of a shiba inu that has people staring a bit longer than usual. Many people responded to the photo wondering if they were staring at a sheep or a dog. A quick look might have you feeling the same!

Source: @tetsuya_yutaka

Tetsuya shared the photo with the caption "A sheep? A dog? Either way, it's adorable. Limited edition cuteness." The "limited edition" refers to the fact that pictured in the photo is the San’in Shiba, a somewhat breed found in the Tottori and Shimane prefectures. In the photo, the shiba's heart-shaped face is due to its summer fur having settled in, while still wearing the fluffy remains of its winter coat--making for quite the funny shiba sighting!

For those interested in more San'in Shiba pictures, Tetsuya has his own photobook of the adorable doggos.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.