Over the past few months, the concept of telework increasingly became common knowledge among the working population of Japan. Although many Japanese teleworking employees choose to get their work done at home, some are turning to places outside of their homes instead.

Many choose to rent a dedicated teleworking space that fits their needs, while some are also using restaurants and cafes as an improvised workspace. However, both options don’t afford complete privacy. This is where another teleworking trend in Japan comes in for those who need privacy to concentrate.

Simply called “hotel work (ホテルワーク)”, this trend involves reserving a hotel room with the purpose of using the room for work. Since hotel reservations typically span a few days, this can also be appealing to those who prefer longer stays in one place.

Those who do hotel work are still considered as regular guests in a hotel, and so teleworkers have access to all the services and amenities that the hotel provides. For places like the Gongenso inn in Niigata prefecture, this means that you can even visit their hot springs during your lunch break.

Located in the small city of Itoigawa, Gongenso has both an indoor bath and outdoor hot springs surrounded by mountain views. The inn recently collaborated with a Japanese hotel work booking website to list themselves on the site and welcome those coming in for hotel work. Teleworkers can book a four-night weekday stay at a discounted price, and for an additional fee, the inn also offers a breakfast or dinner course made from locally produced ingredients.

You can find the listing for Gongenso on the hotel work website here and read more about Gongenso through their English homepage.

By - Jen Laforteza.