No one can argue against how useful and convenient eco bags are when it comes to shopping. Whether you’re out for your weekly shop, or picking up a few items to spruce up the home, eco bags provide us with that extra baggage to haul home our goods. The lightweight bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be surprisingly stylish despite their simplicity.

Nothing is worse than rolling up to the cashier with a cart full of half the supermarket, only to realise you’ve left your trusty eco bag at home. Now you’re going to have to pay for a handful of those flimsy and unsustainable plastic bags. Sure it only costs a couple of yen per bag, but when you make the same mistake again and again, you will not only be harming your wallet, but also the environment.

It’s situations like this when being prepared goes hand in hand with creativity. That’s why this new ‘L’AMI PLUS Scarf Eco Bag’ made in collaboration between textile designer YUMI YOSHIMOTO and Japanese fashion and decor retailer, Felissimo, is the perfect choice for us forgetful shoppers.

The Scarf Eco Bag comes with a popper tie that allows you to wrap it around the handle of your main bag (assuming you haven’t left that at home too…), so that you can forget about forgetting your shopper.
The bag is available in three stylish designs that will make you feel as though you are walking around with a masterpiece on your arm.

How to use the Scarf Eco Bag

Preparing the Scarf Eco Bag for attaching may look daunting, but it’s actually very easy.

Step 1: put the handles inside of the bag and fasten it with the snap button located at the base of the bag.

Step 2: Fold the bag diagonally into a triangle shape and then fold the top half of the triangle in on itself, and then once more in order to form an isosceles trapezoid shape (yes, geometry really does pay off. Also, don’t worry if you don’t know what an isosceles trapezoid is ...Google Sensei will tell you if you ask!)

Step 3: Thread the folded bag around the handle of your main bag and then fasten it with the snap button to secure.

The Scarf Eco Bag can also be conveniently rolled up into a small cylinder (again, geometry). Though I only recommend this option if you believe you have been blessed with the rare gift of being unforgetful. Plus...who wouldn’t want to show off their stylish Scarf Eco Bag? The designs are gorgeous.

L’AMI PLUS Scarf Eco Bag

Price: 1,870 yen (tax included)
Material: 100% Polyester (suitable for hand washing)
Bag dimensions : 37 x 37 cm
Handle length (approximately): 58 cm
Load capacity: 5kg

By - Connie Sceaphierde.